Student Life at the Great Ghost

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The 1930s:

West Hill Band West Hill football player

The 1940s

More on the 1960s & 1970sSir Frederick Bowhill at 1942 Graduation ceremonies Cadet Corps drilling at WHHS 1941
Sir Frederick was Air Chief Marshall for the RAF Coastal and Ferry Command in WII

1944 Student Council   1942 Drama production

Outside at the refreshment truck in 1944 Hanging out, 1944 style 1944 instruction
WHHS 1944 rugby team  1944 Soccer team
Helping with the harvest in western Canada, 1942 At the game, 1943 Dance, 1943
Sudying in the great outdoors 1943 Cadets on the march, 1943 From 1947 Annual St. Valentines Dance 1947
1947 Annual 1947 CJAD "800 Club"

The 1950s
MHS Cheerleaders 1958 1958 MHS dance Field Day 1958
1958 Talent Show 1959 Chess Club Chemistry Lab 1958
1959 Dance Skitrip buses 1959

The 1960 & 1970s

Arsenic & Old Lace production

1970 production of Arsenic & Old Lace directed by Bertha Rohr, her last production at MHS  (photo courtesy of Harold Wolf)

Left to right: Karl Kelton, Lonnie Brodkin, Sylvia Witt, (unknown), Margaret Caldbick.

1973 Reach for the Top television show on CBC Montreal (photos courtesy of Larry Maler)


More on the 1960s & 1970s