Teaching Staff at the Great Ghost

In the almost 60 years of existence the school was home to both the great and maybe some not-so-great teachers. From the various eras, here is a selection.

Miscellaneous teacher photos from the Monklands era

Ester Boskey Bob McGee Mr. Evans Grant Blair Bill Boswell on "Free Dress Day" (courtesy of Harold Wolf) Coach Alex Baronsteff after a win (courtesy of Harold Wolf) Malcolm Renshaw in the Woodshop (courtesy of Harold Wolf)

Esther Boskey, Bob McGee, Ken Evans, Grant Blair, Bill Boswell, Alex Baronsteff. and Malcolm Renshaw

Bill Boswell, Esther Boskey, Grant Blair 1949 graduation photo from WHHS yearbook.

Photos below courtesy of Susan (Freeman) Block (MHS '62)

Teacher photos from the West Hill era 

1945 Staff:

  J.G.S. Brash, an English teacher at WHHS from the 1920s to the 1940s, founded the first football team at the school in 1926 and was later named the provincial supervisor for English Mr. Brash in 1944 Roy Chesley who was a teacher, coach and vice-principal at West Hill, Westward and Monklands Mr. Gregg 1944 Mr. Wilson with Principal Heslam 1944 Charles Hewson, 1943

  D.B. Wilson, G.K. Gregg, G.H. Heslam & A. Frazier