Westward School Memories

From Bill Conrod

(1) The old West Hill High School. It kept its name because the students  who  were to transfer to the new school wanted to bring along the WHHS legacy.  My  sister was on student's council at the time. She would have some knowledge
of that time. I'm sure it had a lot to do about the sports rivalry between high schools at the time.(2). Mr Hewson was Principal for the two years that I went. Roy Chesley was  the renowned coach of the WHHS football dynasties but when Westward  started he was coaching the NDG Maple Leafs - there was no football at Westward until it became Monklands. Chesley was the VP (3).The fights (real slugfests with brass knuckles ), the bicycle racks, the  woodwork and metalwork shops, a Mrs Dumbell for music and the POM Bakery  truck that would be mobbed at recess are all fond memories. (4). Ron Dines, Scott, Micheal Douglas, and I were nabbed for tripping the  #3  streetcar wires and were soundly "biffed" by the Best, (name withheld) himself. (5). When the weather became too cold for bikes we were bussed home for lunch. The woodwork teacher made a crossbow and would shoot arrows at us across the classroom. I can't remember his name

From Bruce Barnes
There is not a lot I can tell you about Westward School even though I went  there for it's three (it might have been four) years of existence.  It was for Grade 7's and 8's only for all of NDG.  When Monklands was established,  students who lived west of Grand Blvd. went to Monklands and those on the east side went to West Hill.  I don't recall any yearbooks, in fact, I don't have any class photos either. I was a sports nut and most of my memories relate to sports.  I was so into sports, I spent three years getting through two academic years.  The locker room was small, cramped and always stinky and sweaty-smelling. I > remember my teachers, Mr. McEwan, a tough but fair-minded  individual,  Mr.  Lane, a very short, stout and jolly type, and Mr. Jameson who was my  favourite teacher.  Mr. Art Henderson was the Phys Ed teacher who was small,  and powerfully built and laid down the law early in the year and  never  had  any discipline problems.  Very much respected.  The principal was Roy Chesley, a very stern and tough individual who was the football  coach of the NDG Maple Leafs and later Monklands teams.  He was an American originally.  Green and yellow were the school colours.  We had an annual field day, and  used to practice for the Indoor Track meet at the Forum by sprinting down  the hall on the top floor after school.  Do you want personal memories of people I knew and events (such as a  fist fight that lasted about half an hour across the street from the school witnessed by half the school)?   I remember "Ball Pien Beauregard", the metalwork teacher.  He had yellow lines all und the machinery which were not to be crossed while he was  lecturing/demonstrating.  He carried a large ball pien hammer around at  his side and would drop it close to your toes if you dared cross the lines. (name withheld) used a bolo bat to punish kids after school.  You'd have  to bend over and touch your toes and get a few whacks on each cheek and he  knew how to do it.  Not as bad as the strap from (name withheld) who would make  you stand in the crucifix position, with your palms flat and he would give each hand a blow and then massage them for greater effect.  Once in a while he  would get students on the wrists. I cut my finger off in wood work shop and my mother sued the schoolboard  and lost.  I forget the teacher's name, but I think he suffered more than I  did.  I also remember two girls in my Grade 8 class were a little older and  maturer than us and one was going out with a guy who was playing in the  American Hockey League.  They were very distracting.  I know there names  but this is not to get personal as I understand it.