The Great Ghost of 4400 West Hill Ave. still looms in western NDG. Its current incarnation is as a seniors' residence, but it was previously known as
West Hill High School (1918-1952)
Westward School  (1952-1955)
and Monklands High School  (1955-1979).
This site  provides some history associated with The Ghost's 60 year educational life when it provided the means for thousands of Montreal  youth to learn, compete and  play.

Welcome to the Great Ghost Site. On these pages we hope to provide background information and images that relate to our old school. The "we" happens to be Christopher Milligan (retired from Faculty of Education,McGill University and Monklands High Class of '62) and Wes Cross (retired from Student Services, McGill University and  Monklands Class of '71).  The site was started as a prototype for a portrayal of educational institutions as cultural entities. However the funding for extending the project to other schools  never materialized. So this is a stand-alone example but with over 60 years of history, the Great Ghost has many stories to tell, and we hope to provide an example of one cultural institution's contribution to the Montreal scene.