The Great Ghost Page is made possible by the resources and contributions of the following:


Faculty of Education, McGill University - website hosting
Education Library, McGill University - historical material
Hirshfield Geographic Centre, McGill University - Maps and aerial photos
Gelber Law Library, McGill University - historical material
English Montreal School Board (EMSB) archives - original material and photographs
Fraser-Hickson Institute - historical material
National Archives of Canada - historical material
National Film Board of Canada & Concordia University - film archives


Bruce Barnes (Westward) - recollections
Pat Beavan (MHS '66) - recollections, photographs and material
Susan (Freeman) Block (MHS '62) - photographs
Peter Bolton (MHS '61)- historical material
Dororthy (Strickland) Brown (1923-24)  -historical material and recollections as a student in 1923-24 and school secretary from 1927-1940
Alan Capes (MHS '75) - photographs
Keith Clark (MHS '59) - historical material
Bill Conrod (Westward) - recollections
Scott Conrod (Westward) - recollections
Bill Falconer (WHHS '44) - historical materials, recollections and advice
Pat (Marsh) Grafton (WHHS '46) - historical materials & photographs
Peter Justiz (MHS '66) - historical material
Gordon Lee (MHS '75) - photographs
Jim Leworthy (MHS '60)- photographs & recollections
Don Macquisten (WHHS '45) - historical materials
Bruce McLachlan (WHHS '52)- historical materials & photographs
Harald Wolf (MHS '70) - photographs
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