From the Melting Pot student newspaper
The Melting Pot seems to have been a  1960s name for the student newspaper. The earliest known issue was from 1961, but the  November 1969 edition claims to be Vol 1, Number 1 (see below) but even that issue contains a correction to the previous "Melting Pot" issue. The paper reads as somewhat radical for its time. There was a teacher assigned as overseer, but the school administration didn't see the issues until they were distributed. For example Bill Boswell was the appointed teacher in 1969 and seemed to give the editors pretty wide latitude. In one of the issues principal W.A. Wilkinson fires back, but it's merely an accusation that "sloppy sentences reflect sloppy thinking". The paper covered the usual school stuff such as the Red Cross Drive and club events. The social commentary always seemed to refer to students by aliases and any good times seemed to contain a lot of alcohol ineuendo. More importantly the editors railed for better teaching and school facilities as well as a real student union. However this was lightened by reports on school sports and the inevitable Band Exchange trip. The Pot survived at least until the mid-70s according to our sources.

Selected articles:
Grad Night 1971
    -Cornelia Corny (actually Sharon Horlick) reports on selected hightlights of the 1971 Graduation.
Overheard in the staffroom (1971)
    -Bill Boswell and Ann Smith turn on their own kind and report overheard teacher conversations.
Monklands! (1971)
    -Vicky Kilt poses as a visitor and tours the school. Warning: this may bring back unpleasant memories!

Front page Melting Pot, Vol 1 No. 1 1969

"MHS wants you" , 1971.

Memories of MHS desks from 1971